This week, I trudged miserably through the drizzle to my car. Ice thickly coated my windshield.  A raw wind blew through my jacket as I scraped off the car, chilling me to the bone. I grumbled, “I hate winter!”  Just then, I caught a glimpse of green. My daffodils had sprouted! My heart leapt, for daffodils are the ambassadors of the springtime. They arrive onto a wintry stage. I have seen them bravely poke their little green heads right up out of the snow. But when the daffodils bloom, it is a certain sign that Old Man Winter is losing his icy grip on the Earth. Daffodils gently remind us, “Take heart! The world around you may look bleak right now. But within a few weeks, the spring rains will fall, the sun will shine again, and flowers will bud.” Daffodils are hope personified.

Lord, make me a daffodil to those around me, my life a testimony of how You bring beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. When my friends are in the winter of despair, may I speak warm words of hope. I want Your love to shine from my face, that those who see me will remember Your goodness. Help me to refresh others with the reminder of Your promises.  Make me an ambassador of Your grace.