The Apostolic Pentecostals of Sapulpa has a rich and eventful history of the outpouring of God’s blessings. Established as Forest Park Gospel Tabernacle, a Pentecostal Church Incorporated Assembly in 1935 by Rev. Everett Hamby. It became a United Pentecostal Church in 1945. Through the years it has been pastored by several Apostolic Pentecostal Elders and their spouses under 3 different church names, but has continually preached the day of Pentecost Acts 2:38 salvation message. Now known as Apostolic Pentecostals of Sapulpa, its current Pastor Noah Marshall began his pastorate in 1998, following his father Rev. James Marshall who pastored the congregation for 31 years. This church has a blessed past and a glorious future. Come be a part of us !